Why Private Jets Can Be More Affordable Than You Think

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If you’re tired of waiting in line at the airport and having to worry about if your luggage is going to make it to your destination or not, you may want to consider another travel option. Owning your own private jet is one method, which offers you the freedom to travel whenever you want without the hassles that come along with traditional air travel.

If you are worried about the expenses that come along with owning your own private jet, it’s important to note that the cost associated with air fare and plane travel are also tax deductible. For many years, the idea of traveling by private jet were only limited to those who were wealthy and famous, but that’s not entirely true anymore.

In many professional entities, many CEO’s and other executive members are required to travel around the world for business. With that being said, it’s not that unusual for these businesses and larger companies to own their very own private jet for time leveraging.

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Choosing Props over Jet

If you generally operate via taking shorter routes, utilization of a prop aircraft will fit your needs, while simultaneously costing substantially less than jets. Additionally, most of the Turboprops nowadays will have that similar jet-feel on the inside without the excessive price. You can save as much as 20% on regulatory engine maintenance alone when choosing props over jets.

Length of Time until Travel Ready

Renting in the private aviation world is similar to flying a commercial flight; you can go online, shop, and compare their prices. For example, has a mobile application and an online platform that allows you to compare at least 5,000 private aircrafts that is operating all over the world. The transparency on the price allows you to have better control on purchasing expendatures.

Make a Profit in Downtime

Once you own a private jet, you may not need it all the time. The question is: Do you just want to keep it sitting around in the hanger, or perhaps make a profit when it’s not in use? Many companies offer share time options with their private jets. This allows them to charter their private jet services to different companies to yield extra revenue. Instead of having your jet sit and collect dust, you now have the option of making money in the mean time when you don’t necessarily need it. It’s important to note that if you do decide to follow through with the share time option, a strict schedule should be arranged so that when you do need use of your jet, it’s available for you to use.

In conclusion, the option of owning your own private jet is now more affordable than ever before for both entrepreneurs and companies due to Return on Investment factors such as:

- Time savings (especially if you or your team members partake in high value, time sensitive activities.)
- Having an opportunity to rent out your plane, thus alleviating your purchase expense.

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