The Effect of Aircraft Re-Registration

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It has been estimated by the FAA that about one-third of the registered records of aircraft are inaccurate. Also, several aircrafts that are linked with those records are more likely to be ineligible for registration in the United States. In order to deal with some consequences and possible risks, the arrangement regarding re-registration has been set in place.

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Aircraft Re-Registration

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Starting October 1, 2010, owners of aircrafts were required to go through re-registration of their aircraft once every three years. At that time, the original plan was to have all U.S civil aircrafts re-registered by December 31, 2013. Afterwards, the process of renewal will continue on a three-year cycle. There is a registration fee of $5; failure to have an aircraft re-registered means cancellation of their registrations. In order to make sure that the aircrafts do not deal with problems and related issues, it is very important for owners to check the FAA website, making sure that they have accurate information about the aircraft.

The re-registration process is quite simple. All owners will receive a notification coming from the FAA, including a re-registration code which can be used online. This usually happens 180 days before the actual expiration of the current registration. The notice will provide a time frame of three months in which the owner of the aircraft will log onto the website, renewing the registration. Keep in mind, however, that the option to re-register online will only be available if there are no changes that need to be done. Owners need to re-register within a three-month period to utilize the online option.

Operators of aircraft have to wait before flying until they have finally received the new and updated FAA certificate. Even though they will receive a pink slip, it will not be considered as temporary registration, similar to that of a new purchase. After the re-registration, there is still a need to renew the certificate every three years. The owners are encouraged to renew earlier during the three window renewal period so that there is still enough time to resolve unexpected issues which may arise.
Bottom Line

Overall, re-registration of aircrafts is mandatory, unless you no longer want to fly your aircraft. A certificate is necessary for all aircrafts in the USA. The arrangement of re-registration is implemented in order to streamline all of the processes involved in the aircraft industry. Aside from that, it also serves as protection for the aircraft owners, making sure that they are also protected under the rules and regulations of the FAA. Indeed, there are several advantages on the part of an owner who decides to comply with the requirements for re-registration.

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