The Cost-Effective Approach in Using Private Aviation for Short Hops

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Private jets can sometimes provide a myriad of more benefits than standard commercial flights; you will be able to fly in full comfort and privacy, while also being able to set your preferred schedule and route. The cost of using private aviation depends on a lot of things such as the size and the type of the engine, the length of your flight, and the amount of passengers. Furthermore, as far as expenditures are concerned, the most affordable engine (turboprop) can allow you to do short hops, which generally cost around $2,000.

Here are other ways on how you can make trips cost-effective without losing the elegance and luxury of the travel.

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Choosing Props over Jet

If you generally operate via taking shorter routes, utilization of a prop aircraft will fit your needs, while simultaneously costing substantially less than jets. Additionally, most of the Turboprops nowadays will have that similar jet-feel on the inside without the excessive price. You can save as much as 20% on regulatory engine maintenance alone when choosing props over jets.

Shop and Book Online

Renting in the private aviation world is similar to flying a commercial flight; you can go online, shop, and compare their prices. For example, has a mobile application and an online platform that allows you to compare at least 5,000 private aircrafts that is operating all over the world. The transparency on the price allows you to have better control on purchasing expendatures.


Your aircraft choice can create a huge difference to the pricing. In case that it is just a short hop, you have the option to choose a VLJ or a Very Light Jet. Furthermore, one benefit of charter is that it allows you to choose the most suitable private aviation for your trip.
Carefully Choose Your Airport

By wisely choosing your airport, the handling and landing cost can be considerably reduced. However, this only applies to those who are willing to be flexible. For instance, if you are planning to go to London, Stansted is vastly more affordable which can save you at least $2,200 on the flight price alone. In other words, if your business destination has more than one airport in the vicinity, performing research can save you a pretty penny.

Travel in Groups

De-icing is a legal requirement during the winter season before a specific aircraft will be allowed to take off. The price can vary depending on the requirement of the private jet. By using online applications such as, you can waiver the de-icing requirement and save at least $150.

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