iPad Readability in the Cockpit

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After the first iPad was released in 2010, there have been several versions released to improve the tablet. The upgrades have been done to enhance the storage capacity, processor, form factor, screen resolution, and connectively options - The latest iPad Pro offers one of the best cockpit readability that many pilots have truly appreciated. With that being said, pilots who are considering an iPad should continue reading on and see how the latest product can make their pilot experience much better.

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Photo by: Timothy Muza

When thinking about readability, the first thing to consider is the screen size. The new iPad pro has a 9.7” display that considerably improves on previous designs, through including a faster processor along with anti-reflective coating. In other words, this new display technology makes sun glare issues a thing of the past, and you will definitely appreciate the high-speed processor when you work with weather and charts or synthetic vision. In addition, the iPad Pro offers the ability to upgrade storage capacity to an amazing 256GB.

A Bigger Screen is Not Necessarily Better for Readability

The reason many pilots are going for the iPad Pro with its smaller 9.7” screen is because they have found it more convenient for reducing glare inside the cockpit. When you have a large screen, the likelihood of being affected by glare increases and in some cases the big screen does not fit well in most airplanes. Thats why the 12.9” version of the iPad Pro is not recommended for aviation. If you are currently using the earlier series iPad, you should consider upgrading and taking advantage of advanced aviation apps like ADS-B weather and synthetic vision.

The best thing about using iPads in aviation is that all the various models are suitable for pilots. However, it is also true that some models - especially the newer ones, are much better than others. Based on the experiences of many pilots who have used all of the available iPad models, the iPad Pro, 128GB, Wi-Fi only, 9.7” tablet is unanimously deemedthe best option for any cockpit.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The brand new high-speed processor in this model runs all the apps at fast speeds, and you also benefit from an innovative antireflective screen in your cockpit to improve readability during sunny days. However, since the performance and reliability of an external GPS receiver is much more superior compared to the internal GPS system, and they are also available for less than $100, it is better to buy an additional external GPS unit. For the best setup, consider getting the iPad Pro and the Stratus ADS-B receiver for GPS and weather data.

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