Although Routine...Prevent Misfueling...Easily!!

Wildcatter Aviation, LLC.

Although seemingly routine for the seasoned weekend pilot, fuel safety is crucial to your flight and these simple steps will get your flight on the right path.

Wildcatter Aviation

Photo credit: Mark Asthoff

ince the day you became an actual pilot you’ve been told repeatedly and have probably thought about fuel examination during your pre-flight. Apart from the consideration of fuel color, water vapor trapped inside of a partly filled tank and worn fuel cap seals is a risk that should be evaluated before your usual routine.

Recently, The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and the AOPA Air Safety Institute released its “Safety 1st General Aviation Misfueling Prevention Program” in an effort to prevent misfueling. Misfueling linked to Engine Failures is a real occurrence, and can be harmful to not only your aircraft, but also harmful to you.

Because this can impact you severely, Wildcatters Aviation always ensures that we use different sized nozzles to help differentiate Avgas from Jet A. This prevention measure makes all the difference and helps you (and Wildcatter Staff) keep your preflight quick, and safe.