Thinking about Running a Flying Club? Software Will Help.

By Wildcatter Aviation, LLC.

Running a flying club can be extremely difficult, stressful and time-consuming due to the variety and complexity of services clubs offer to their members. Most flying clubs offer affordable access to aircrafts, provide facilities, flight training and flight planning, pilot supplies, fly-ins, and fly-out, etc. All of this requires careful monitoring, planning, and meticulous screening.

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With that being said, software has become a vital part of every flying club, its administration, and management. Good software offers an array of features that significantly facilitate the whole process of running and maintaining a club. But what exactly does flying club software offer and why it is important to have a reliable program?


Detailed Flight Log Entries


First and foremost, good flying club software will allow you to easily manage most financial aspects of your club. With the help of such programs, you can create detailed flight log entries with information such as start and end time of a certain flight, the pilot and the destination, along with pricing and information about the aircraft that is being used.


Create a Database


Moreover, flying club software can help you keep a database of all members; you can create accounts that contain information such as names, address, phone number and email, date of joining the club. You can also keep track of all flights a member has done, the aircrafts they flew, and the payments he or she has made.


Easy Aircraft Management


Flying club software is also a powerful tool for aircraft management. You can create a detailed flight log for each aircraft at your flying club and integrate information such as the engine type and serial number of the plane, date of manufacture and past technical problems. In addition, most programs allow you to create an inspection schedule, a booking system that ensures you will avoid double bookings, and some even offer comprehensive aircraft utilization analysis tools. Last but not least, you can track the fuel and oil levels of every aircraft at your club; create fuel logs for both members and aircrafts.


Monitor Instructors and Students


If your club offers training, with the help of specialized flying club software you can monitor both student and instructor activity, create a training log for students, check their progress and the training hours they've received. You can also keep a record on your instructors' hours and their remuneration.


In Conclusion


Some flying club programs offer additional features, while others lack some of the mentioned above. Regardless, flying club software is a powerful tool and a necessity that reduces human errors, facilitates management and helps you track everything in your flying club.


Below are three reputable Flying club software applications that you can investigate:








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