What is Corporate/Business Aviation?

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Corporate aviation (also known as business aviation) is the use of an airplane for business travel purposes. In other words, it is general aviation with business objectives. The industry is not limited to particular planes or services, due to the array of the different players.

There are numerous companies in the business aviation world regarding types of aircraft, services offered, and, routes. Furthermore, there are a variety of planes used for corporate aviation from single pilot aircraft to turbine aircraft, helicopters to jets, and even the Boeing.

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Nevertheless, most of the planes used by corporate executives and business travelers are small to medium in size. The business aviation industry is more dynamic compared to commercial general aviation that is mainly based on International airports and popular airstrips. For an example, you can get business aviation services even in remote towns including rural set ups.

Very strict rules govern corporate aviation, and the industry has put many safety and security precautions in place. That is why the business aviation fleet does not usually suffer terror attacks or frequent accident situations. For people who are looking at safety and security, but are not primarily concerned with travel expenditures, business aviation is the way to go. Business aviation is not insignificant in terms of economic contribution to a country - in fact, the industry contributes significantly to the national economy and local economies.

Despite the myriad of aviation benefits, ownership in business aviation is very limited due to financial constraints. There are business moguls who own individual planes, while others may sometimes own whole private airline companies. Some companies hire plane rides (timesharing), and some hire aircrafts for a specified period to conduct business aviation operations. In the modern world (especially those who do business multi-nationally), transients are in need of traveling regularly on flexible schedules. Consequently, this segment of the aviation industry has expanded, and competition has yielded very many travel packages.

Business aviation is built on the maximizing on every minute travel concept. As a result, corporate flights are designed to bolster business productivity with features such as the Internet, Satellite TV, fax, and phones.

Almost all business aviation companies are members of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). The organization plays a key role in regulating the industry as well as protecting it. The fundamental difference between business aviation and commercial general aviation is customization of the services. Every aspect of corporate flights are geared to offer the best services applicable to every individual.

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